It Started with a Love of Words

I grew up loving words, whether reading them in books, magazines, and newspapers or using them in crossword puzzles and games like Scrabble and Boggle. Today, as a professional editor and writer with 19 years of experience, I use my love of words to help clients communicate clearly—and in an engaging way.

Whatever Your Area, I’ve Got Experience in It

Whatever your industry or type of document, I probably have experience in it. I’ve written and edited for publishers, universities, tech companies, marketing departments, healthy-lifestyle organizations, and small businesses. I’ve edited doctoral dissertations, technical manuals, website content, business plans, magazine articles, nonfiction books, and novels, among other types of publications.

My understanding of how to help authors refine their writing has helped me become a skilled writer myself. I enjoy the process of gathering information, whether through conducting interviews or diving into the research, and figuring out how to convey information in the way that’s best for the intended audience. So, if you’re looking for someone to write content for you, including as a ghostwriter, I’m ready to help. 

I’m also driven to share my knowledge with others through teaching at Brigham Young University, leading workshops, presenting at conferences, providing corporate training, and offering individual coaching and mentoring. My areas of focus include writing, editing, and topics related to freelancing.

What It Means for You

Because of my expert-level editing and writing skills, I know exactly how to make a document perfect for your target audience, whether it be a publisher’s acquisition editors, a university’s dissertation review team, or a business’s clients. As a result, you’ll be on the fast-track to achieving your publishing goals—without all the headaches.

If you need something edited or written and want it to be clear, engaging, and error free, contact me today. My love of words will translate into your audience loving your document.

If you’re a freelancer, I can help you establish the mindset and strategies that will make your business more enjoyable and financially rewarding for you. Through trial and error, plus a lot of research and discussion with other freelancers, I’ve learned best practices (and what to avoid). I want to share this knowledge with you so you can likewise achieve business success.

Suzy Bills Headshot

Professional Stats

Fun Facts

  • Boston-qualifying marathoner
  • Crossword puzzle lover
  • Musician and dancer