The Freelance Editor’s Handbook

Are you interested in starting a freelance editing business? Or have you already started one and are looking for strategies to make it more successful and rewarding? Either way, The Freelance Editor’s Handbook is for you.

This book provides a complete guide to setting up and running a prosperous freelancing business, from finding clients to increasing productivity, from deciding how to price services to achieving work/life balance, and from paying taxes to saving for retirement.

Unlike most other books on freelance editing, this book is founded on a business-success mindset: The goal isn’t simply to eke out a living through freelancing. Rather, the goal is to establish a thriving, rewarding business that allows you to achieve you career goals; earn a comfortable living; and still have time for family, friends, and personal pursuits. The book draws on current research in entrepreneurship, psychology, and well-being to identify multiple strategies and methods that you can apply immediately to move closer to achieving your business-related goals.

The Freelance Editor’s Handbook is the ultimate resource for editors at all levels: students just starting out, in-house staff looking to start part- or full-time freelancing, and experienced freelancers who want to make their businesses more profitable and fulfilling.

Order The Freelance Editor’s Handbook today so you can achieve the business success that you’ve been hoping for. 

Freelance Editor's Handbook Cover

The Freelance Editor’s Handbook, published by the University of California Press, is a comprehensive guide to building and maintaining a sustainable, financially rewarding, and enjoyable business as a freelance editor.